Wednesday from Lost Valley

Lost Valley is not just about merit badges. Teaching the scouts responsibly. Today we were assigned cleaning showers. We knocked that out and off to classes. Scouts are still finishing requirements. We had campsite cooking. Some scouts had to help prepare a meal for there requirements. We also had campfire bowl. Were skits were preformed. […]

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Tuesday from Lost Valley

Boys are getting settle in classes. Some have gotten there totin chip. Few will get there fire one tomorrow.Warm clear skies and sunny.We were allowed to have fire in the fire pits. Troop 147 AG is keeping pace with the boys. We assigned mess hall clean up and SPL Eric did a great job organizing […]

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Monday. Lost Valley

Boys where off to classes. Well some boys little confusion on what classes they where going to take and where but all was fixed up. All boys are doing fine all in good spirits. Everyone eating and hydrating its little warm.

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